Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Civic Duty Catalog

Welcome to Civic Duty Records, thank you for stopping by! 

CD005: Stare A Snake In The
Face (unofficial version volume
one) by Our Holy Ed (mixed
tape collage/experimental)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eddie Entropy "Blot Out the Sun With Sex" OUT NOW on Dark Winter!

Just in time for Scorpio, Civic Duty Records' regular Eddie Entropy has unleashed a new album on esteemed netlabel Dark Winter!  Get it here!   Specially featured on the album is a drone remix of Eddie's popular Civic Duty single "Worship the Warship"!!  For a preview of three tracks, please go to Eddie's SoundCloud Set or Myspace site.

A misanthropic morass of drone, doom and exhaustion, this album is the perfect accompaniment to dying relationships and personal damnation.  Listen with care, Eddie Entropy has for the first time ever fully let loose his black hole heart into the world with this album and the next life you lose could be your own!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anonymous John Mystified Remix

ITEM!  Thomas Park of the excellent Mystified project (link) recently remixed and created a video for Eddie Entropy's track "Anonymous John" from the Civic Duty Records release "No Tomorrow".  Please enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CD005: Our Holy Ed "Stare A Snake In The Face (unofficial version volume one)" Mixed Tape!

civic duty records is proud to present...
"Stare A Snake In The Face"
(unofficial version volume one)
October 10, 2010:  101010 the binary day of power brings a powerful new Star to the mixed tape scene! Our Holy Ed has descended from the world on high to deliver his introductory salvo of sonic scripture.  "Stare a Snake in the Face" is the first volume of the "Unofficial Version"series. 

When compiling a mix, the important thing for Our Holy Ed isn't if the songs are cool or not, cool is an illusion that dies almost as quickly as it is born.  For Ed, the essential aspect of the music's interrelation to itself and it's fellow musical travelers is what matters. Through techniques both ancient and new, Our Holy Ed alchemically liberates the music from it's base matter and brings it into a higher vibrational reality.

This first mixed tape is a thematic exploration of the reptile brain.  It is a trip into and then past the snake eyes of luck and loss and lipless kisses.  Our reptile brain that will outlive the complex cathedrals of rational thought.  And like future lizards basking in the sun as they sit atop the ruins of skyscraper society, our reptile brains have the ability to be with no philosophical "or not to be" muddying the moment.

To try to describe the details of a mixed tape such as this would be futility itself!  Even without the aid of the corresponding music, the playlist itself is a cypher manuscript that if studied closely is like a rorschach/tattva doorway into subconscious realms.  These are powerful technologies that Our Holy Ed is unleashing into your ears and eyes so we recommend the potential listener approach with caution!

"Stare A Snake in the Face (Unofficial Version Vol. 1)"

track listing:
1. Zola Jesus "Night"
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion (Acoustic)" edit
3. :zoviet france: "ram"
4. Robyn "Dancing on My Own (Michael Woods Remix Edit)"
5.Merzbow "noisembryo pt. 4"
6. Swans "Reeling the Liars In"
7.  Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On (Our Holy Ed's special Weeding the Wedding Out of the Girl remix)"
8. Ash Ra Tempel "Pluralis"
interlude SF68 "Survival"
9. Dead Kennedys "Soup is Good Food" edit
10. Oneida "Sheets of Easter"
11. Scuba "So You Think You're Special"
12. Eddie Entropy "Timewaster 2099"
13. Emmanuel D'orlando "Footages"

All tracks feature some degree of remixing and/or editing from Our Holy Ed (a/k/a Eddie Entropy)  Mix compiled  10/6/2010


Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Your Civic Duty

Hello and welcome to the official blogspot presence for the Civic Duty Records media empire.  Civic Duty Records was formed in 2006 in order to create a home for Eddie Entropy and the Peppy Pessimists' debut CDR "Hollow Shelves of our Forgotten Selves".

Since 2006 Civic Duty Records has maintained a low profile, releasing a mere 3 Eddie Entropy EPs.  It has been Civic Duty's mission to focus on quality over quantity.  Recently, however it has come to our attention that time itself has evolved and we have entered into a new era wherein quantity and quality are no longer mutually exclusive.  Therefore Civic Duty Records in accord to the time we have found ourselves alive in, have decided to expand our artist's roster and increase production!

The true extent of Civid Duty Records' expansion remains to be seen.  The foundation has been laid, plans have been made, concepts put in play.  We prefer leave the details vague so that your own imaginations will be engaged.  As large as you can dream it, Civic Duty Records can respond to it.  Know that the deepest that we've gone is not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Many artists are living unaware that they have been called, not on the telephone but through the secret language of their heart to participate in this epoch-defining experience of Civic Duty Records and yet THEY HAVE BEEN CALLED.  As have you, dear blog reader.  You have been called to lay down the cynicism of the postmodern world and open your heart to love and life and music of varying shades.  It is not only an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of this experience, IT IS YOUR CIVIC DUTY!